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342 Kings Hwy.
Brooklyn, NY 11223


9:30am - 9pm ET Sun- Fri

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Service Email:



Payment Methods

Offered Not Available

  • US - American Express
  • US - CarteBlanche
  • US - COD
  • US - Cyber Cash
  • US - Diners Club
  • US - Discover
  • US - JCB
  • US - MasterCard
  • US - Money Order
  • US - Personal Check
  • US - Purchase Orders
  • US - Visa
  • US - Other
  • US - PayPal
  • US - Bill Me Later
  • US - Google Checkout
  • US - PayPal Pay Later
  • CA - American Express
  • CA - MasterCard
  • CA - Money Order
  • CA - Visa
  • CA - Wire Transfer
  • Intl. - Visa
  • Intl. - MasterCard
  • Intl. - American Express
  • Intl. - Discover
  • Intl. - Money Order
  • Intl. - Diners Club
  • Intl. - Wire Transfer
  • Intl. - PayPal

Shipping Methods

Offered Not Available

  • UPS/FedEx Ground
  • Priority Next Day
  • Standard Next Day
  • Ships to Canada
  • International
  • 2-3 Delivery
  • Ship to APO/FPO

Special Services

Offered Not Available

  • Secure Ordering/Payment System (SSL/SET)
  • Gift Services Available
  • On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
  • Live Customer Representative
  • On-line Order Tracking System
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Customer's Info is Confidential
  • Multi-lingual WWW site

Return Policy

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  • RMA Required
  • Restocking Fee


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Merchant Reviews

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  • 1 Stars

    i dont receive the order, only recive the warrantyROYALCAMERA does not send the products only the guarantees.

    Reviewed: February 14, 2007

    Reviewed By: sanahuja

  • 1 Stars

    They're sending me the wrong stuff !! They're rude when trying to resolve !! They vere deliberately missleading me to think I was receiving the Rebel XT with charger, battery, software !! DON'T ORDER FROM THESE GUYS !! YOU'LL REGRET IT !! BBB is now involved. !!

    Reviewed: August 6, 2006

    Reviewed By: marieyah820

  • 1 Stars

    This is one of the most dishonest businesses I have ever dealt with! They charged my AMEX almost $200 more than quoted and they gave me an outdated rebate coupon that they lied about (as far as the correctness of the rebate). They even falsified an invoice when I filed a claim with AMEX (currently under investigation). They wererude and hung up on me when I discovered the overcharge.I can't believe they haven't been put out of business yet! They are crooks!

    Reviewed: May 12, 2006

    Reviewed By: Wed14flgday

  • 1 Stars

    Bait and Switch! I ordered the Canon 20D. I knew it came stripped b/c I spoke with salespeople before. I placed my order online, but didn't get a confirmation #, so I called them up. The salesman confirmed the order, then tried to push some accessories - you know you need a battery, right? Yeah I know, I have one already. How about a memory card, your camera won't work without one,etc. finally - the camera's in Korean and it'll take a $400 translation package to make it work. I had enough.

    Reviewed: February 2, 2006

    Reviewed By: kchristine

  • 1 Stars

    AWFUL!! They faked the bill to make it look as if I bought a package deal. When I tried to return the accessories they refused to accept them. THEY PLAY GAMES. Fortunately, I contacted my credit card company and complained. The issue was decided in my favor and I KEPT EVERYTHING FOR FREE!!!!STAY AWAY. SCAM ARTISTS.

    Reviewed: December 1, 2005

    Reviewed By: jbnugget

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