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4495 S. Coach Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85714, AZ 85714


M-F 9:30-6PM Arizona

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Payment Methods

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  • US - American Express
  • US - CarteBlanche
  • US - COD
  • US - Cyber Cash
  • US - Diners Club
  • US - Discover
  • US - JCB
  • US - MasterCard
  • US - Money Order
  • US - Personal Check
  • US - Purchase Orders
  • US - Visa
  • US - Other
  • US - PayPal
  • US - Bill Me Later
  • US - Google Checkout
  • US - PayPal Pay Later
  • CA - American Express
  • CA - MasterCard
  • CA - Money Order
  • CA - Visa
  • CA - Wire Transfer
  • Intl. - Visa
  • Intl. - MasterCard
  • Intl. - American Express
  • Intl. - Discover
  • Intl. - Money Order
  • Intl. - Diners Club
  • Intl. - Wire Transfer
  • Intl. - PayPal

Shipping Methods

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  • UPS/FedEx Ground
  • Priority Next Day
  • Standard Next Day
  • Ships to Canada
  • International
  • 2-3 Delivery
  • Ship to APO/FPO

Special Services

Offered Not Available

  • Secure Ordering/Payment System (SSL/SET)
  • Gift Services Available
  • On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
  • Live Customer Representative
  • On-line Order Tracking System
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Customer's Info is Confidential
  • Multi-lingual WWW site

Return Policy

Offered Not Available

  • RMA Required
  • Restocking Fee


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Merchant Reviews

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  • 2 Stars

    Their selection of items and sizes is limited, and their pricing is significantly higher than other retailers. They do offer a "price match guarantee", but you have to wait a day or so to get it approved they won't match the price if you use any sort of coupon. Their processing time is ridiculously slow, I placed an order on a Tuesday and paid for 2-day shipping b/c I needed it to arrive the following Monday before I left town for two weeks. As of Friday it still hadn't shipped and I had to cancel my order. The person I spoke with said my order was on hold for some reason but he couldn't look into it for me (he said "she has it on hold so I can't get into the order and she's in a meeting") or send me confirmation that it would be cancelled. I could have ordered the same product from another online retailer, paid significantly less, gotten free 2-day shipping, and actually had it in hand in 2 days. I'll order from other sites with better processing, prices, and services next time

    Reviewed: December 16, 2011

    Reviewed By: Nyxster

  • 1 Stars

    I purchased a power tap and wheel build from Unfortunately the wheel was not built correctly and caused numerous flat tires, inconvenience and additional expense for me. So I contacted to let them know the wheel (that I paid to have built) was defective. Thankfully a local bike shop figured out why I was on my third flat tire in two rides. called me and told me that it wasn't their fault because they had a vendor do the wheel build. However I bought the wheel from and they represent the vendor. Outside of blaming it on someone else, they did nothing to address my problem or concern. I even gave them the opportunity after a long, written explanation of the situation. Months later, I have still heard nothing from them so now its my turn to offer, unfortunately, 'completely unsatisfactory' feedback to their customer service. I will not use again, as they clearly have no interest in retaining returning customers.

    Reviewed: May 15, 2011

    Reviewed By: alyssamorrison

  • 4 Stars

    looking forward to seeing the product

    Reviewed: March 25, 2011

    Reviewed By: TCOMERFORD_1729941574

  • 3 Stars

    If I get my Order on time...I will be happy with my experience!

    Reviewed: March 25, 2011

    Reviewed By: carl_kelley_3371094356

  • 5 Stars

    Very fast, very easy

    Reviewed: March 25, 2011

    Reviewed By: fuzzy_8143744519

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